Free Standing Furniture

At J.M.Designs we have produced many beautiful tables, chairs, desks and other free-standing items of furniture.

Our work has included many styles including modern and classical. Each item skillfully created by craftsmen out of the type of wood chosen by the client. Whether it's for your living room, board room or bedroom, we can make furniture to admire.

With the arrival of thin plasma TV screens, having a cabinet for the TV to be hidden in, is appealing. In the slide show below you will see some that we have made.

  • Dining table and chairs

    Set of 8 dining chairs and a table made in English Yew

  • Golf ball coffee table

    Coffee table featuring golf-balls under a glass top

  • Conference table

    Curved leg frame and IT panel in center

  • Set of 10 boardroom chairs
  • A Pair of display units
  • Meeting room tables

    Made for Weymouth and Portland Bourough Council

  • Yew Coffee table

    Table top made from 1 solid blank

  • Blanket box

    Blanket box with 2 drawers in the bottom

  • Hall table
  • TV stand with curved sides
  • Blanket box

    Blanket box with a drawer in the bottom section opened with hidden touch

  • handle detail
  • Dinning table in English Yew
  • Media cabinet

    Made for the TV to be hidden away

  • Desk in Walnut
  • Detail of handles
  • Dining table
  • Large brake-front wardrobe

    Painted in Farrow & Ball pointing, with Cherry wood panel detail

  • Replica period table

    This table is a copy of one in Lyme Regis museum, made with fossils in the top

  • Close up of foot carving
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